Almería mecanizados

Precision Machining Company in Spain

with facilities in Madrid and Navarra

Specialized in large parts machining in Spain

Technique and Innovation

Almería Mecanizados, one of the greatest Precision Machining companies in Spain, with headquartes in Fuenlabrada, Madrid and facilities in Pamplona, Navarra, counts with more than 60 year of experience in the precision machining and heat treatment sector for steel parts, which together with our vanguardist technical and human resources, allows us to offer the best quality service everywhere in the World.

The quality is part of our day by day, not only as a goal to reach, but as a way of working, achieving a perfect balance between price, turnaround time and quality, working under the quality Sytems ISO9001 and ISO14001

This way, we can work with the biggest companies from every sector, making our name a quality guarantee label and reliability throughout the country, and making our company a referrer in the Precision Machining sector in Spain, and all Europe.


Mecanizado Sector aeronáutico
Mecanizado sector eólico
Wind Energy
Mecanizado sector marítimo
Mecanizado sector nuclear
Mecanizado sector ferroviario


With more than 60 year of history, Almería Mecanizados, founded by Mr.Luis Almería Ramos, our current CEO´s father, has adapted itself to the market needs, taking advantage of its know-how and accumulated experience along the years.

Due to the implantation of Automotive companies in Spain, the company evolved to the manufacturing of moulding for rubber and plastics. Coinciding with the sector entering in crisis, the company had to focus on the machining of larger parts and gears, manufacturing machinery for public works and parts to give service to the maintenance of steelworks and big industries in the area.

Nowadays, this Precision Machining company in Spain with headquarters in Fuenlabrada, Madrid, manufactures large steel parts for the wind energy sector, in addition to many other from different sectors around Spain.

Where are we

Fuenlabrada, Madrid


Algete, Madrid

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