Almería Mecanizados has the most advanced means and the most qualified personnel to undertake any kind of machining work, either turning, milling, boring or gear shaping.

We have a technical department  which studies the best option for the machining of every job, so we make sure we give the best price and turnaround time, as well as an administration team which keeps our customers updated all the time and gives the best customer service.


As anticorrosive protection or just as a aesthetic matter, painting is often part of the manufacturing process for wind energy, naval, aerospace or agricultural parts.

Almería Mecanizados offers this service as well, through several partner companies with many years of experience behind them and specialized in the painting process of large parts


Hardeninig & Tempering,  Nitrocarburising, Nitriding…

With the purpose of giving a longer useful life to those parts subject to wear, or under a hostile climate conditions, heat treatments help the material to get the most adecquate hardness for its purpose.


The industrial welding is a hugely important factor in our day to day as, manufacturing high pressure equipment, we´ve had to surround ourselves of the best companies in order to get the best result in terms of welding, following strictly the 305/2011 regulation (Construction Products) and UNE EN 1090 (Execution of steel structures


Nationalwide or international, Almería Mecanizados has its own logistics department and a network of collaborators able to manange the transportation of any kind of goods, either parcel service, paletized shipments or special services by land, sea or air. 

We make sure of offering the best option so our customers don´t overpay for an optimum service